Gutters with Leaf Protection

Technology Comparisons


Easily clogged with small twigs, leaves and debris. Will cave in from snow and ice buildup.



Squirrels and small birds can chew through the vinyl and build nests. Exposure to the elements can warp and crack vinyl over time.



Installed under the second row of shingles which results in an unsightly profile. Most are screwed or nailed into the roof which could lead to potential leaks.



Most have a gap where birds and small animals may enter and build nests. Product not installed under shingles leaves the roof edge exposed and creates potential for water damage.



Small ¼-inch water channel opening leaves gutters virtually impenetrable. Made of sturdy .024-gauge aluminum.



Sturdy .024 aluminum will deter damage from critters. Endcaps prevent small animals and birds from entering and nesting. Offers a lifetime, non-pro-rated transferable warranty on finish.



Installed under the first row of shingles. Attaches to your existing gutter. Does not use screws or nails in the roof.



Complete enclosure (including premade end caps) prevents penetration by birds and small animals. Aesthetically low profile matches your gutters and roofline for enhanced curb appeal. LeafProof® also helps prevent damage from ice and snow.


Leafproof Product Lineup

Leafproof® Solutions for all your Gutter Issues

LP-pop_pictsLeafProof® is a solid aluminum gutter cover that installs over existing gutters without penetrating your roof. The patented “S-Bend” slows the flow of rainwater, causing the water to adhere to the LeafProof® panel.

The LeafProof® System can be installed on any type of roofing, including shingles, slate, metal and tile, and on any roof pitch.


Leafproof® – XP

LPXP-popLeafProof® – XP is ideal where extreme protection is needed. XP was designed to handle rainwater in high flow areas like metal, slate and tile roofs; as well as roof valleys. The small, diamond vents allow rainwater to flow into the gutters while keeping leaves and debris out.

Heated LeafProof®

heatedLP-popThe Heated LeafProof® System is available for homes in northern climates. The system keeps leaves and debris out of your gutters AND completely eliminates icicle and ice dam formation.

Product Details

LeafProof® is installed nationwide by more contractors than all the other premium gutter protection products combined. Why? Because it’s affordable and it works. Contractor preferred and consumer tested, LeafProof® is making its mark from coast to coast.

The patented “S” design allows more consistent and regulated flow of rainfall into existing gutter systems; the aesthetically enclosed design prohibits nesting by small animals and birds and keeps gutters free of debris and leaves. Its clean lines and low profile enhance virtually any roofline and give homes a more tailored, finished look.

How the system works

Except in areas where the roof line has concentrated water flow (such as an inside valley), water flowing off the roof does not shoot to the front of the gutter. It simply follows the roof line, on to the drip edge which is under the shingles, and down the back of the gutter. The reason that the water does not shoot to the front lip is that water clings to the surface it is flowing over. This is known as surface tension. Surface tension can best be visualized by slightly tipping a glass of water and watching the water run down the side of the glass.

Patented “S-Bend” Technology

LeafProof® makes surface tension work for you, the homeowner. The “S” bend causes the water flow to reverse and churn, which slows the momentum of the water as it comes off the roof. The “S” bend also permits the portion of the Leafproof panel which covers the gutter, to be installed at a fairly level slope. This reduces the speed of the water even more. As a result, when the water flow reaches Leafproof’s® water channel, the water flow once again reverses and drains into the gutter.

Gutters Features

  • LeafProof® keeps leaves and debris out of your gutters
  • Fits your existing gutters
  • Low profile. Installs under 1st row of shingles WITHOUT penetrating the roof
  • Blends with your gutters and roofline
  • Can handle ANY downpour
  • Eliminates the hazardous chore of climbing a ladder
  • Prevents ice dams that form in the gutter
  • Prevents animals and birds from nesting
  • Lifetime Warranty